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When installing a battery for your vehicle, it’s important to select the right battery for your car. You would need to ensure that the battery you select is compatible with the vehicle. When you plan to buy a new battery for your vehicle, drop by Minty Auto Electrical today. We’re your trusted auto shop for battery replacements and sales in Seaford and Frankston.

Before buying a new battery for your vehicle, it’s important to understand the various purposes of your battery. The car battery has various important functions such as:
• Providing power to the starter motor
• Providing power to the ignition system
• Helping start the fuel system
• Powering up other electrical devices
• Powering electronic equipment of the vehicle like radios, clocks, door locks, alarms, when the vehicle is switched off
• Storing energy

The battery cable terminals are connected to the electrical system of the vehicle. Once the engine starts running, the charging system takes over the role of the battery to power up the electrical systems. The battery also works as a stabiliser for the entire electrical system of the vehicle.

Keeping the battery in good condition is vital to ensure optimum performance of the vehicle and also to avoid any possible damage that can occur to the vehicle’s electrical system. For car battery maintenance, you can bring your vehicle to our auto shop so that our technicians can test the charging system components and if the vehicle starts without any issue. If they find any issue, they’ll inform you immediately and will repair it if needed.

If your car’s battery is dead or beyond repair, you will have to replace the battery. We sell top-quality batteries at our auto shop. Depending on the make and model of your car, we’ll replace your old battery with a new one. You’ll get to experience maximum performance from your vehicle once we replace the battery.

Get in touch with us today on 03 9786 6515 if you plan to repair or replace your car’s battery. We proudly serve the areas of Seaford, Frankston, Mornington, Langwarrin, and Carrum Downs regions.

Best Car Battery Store

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