Car Dual Battery Setup Carrum Downs, Frankston, Langwarrin & Mornington

The main battery of your vehicle might only be sufficient to run all the basic components of your car, so if you want to run any other equipment using your 4×4, the battery might not be sufficient or might not be able to handle the current. If you are a person that goes out often or connects equipment to your car, a dual battery is the best way to go. Get in touch with the team at Minty Auto Electrical when you need a dual battery installed in your car.

When you choose a dual battery for your car, you need to figure out what the use of the auxiliary battery is. Wiring the second battery can be a tad tricky and knowing the purpose of the second battery can help us install it properly. Having installed many dual batteries in Seaford, Frankston, and the surrounding areas, we have worked on various issues regarding dual batteries and have gained the needed experience to work on your car.

Some of the reasons for installing a dual battery could be:
• To install a fridge
• For camping purposes
• For work
• As an alternative when the main battery fails

Whatever your needs are, you can be confident that installing a dual battery will meet your needs. Our auxiliary battery systems are wired with heavy-duty battery cables, which helps reduce voltage drops. These batteries also have a jump start option from a push button dashboard switch. So, if your main battery fails or it needs a jump start, the auxiliary battery can do the work for you, saving you costs on roadside assistance.

Moreover, though the two batteries are completely isolated from each other, the auxiliary battery is surge protected, will only start through the main battery, and is isolated when the engine is turned off. It is a robust, simple, and compatible method compared to other high-output alternators available in today’s market.

We proudly serve the areas of Seaford, Frankston, Mornington, Langwarrin, and Carrum Downs regions. If you need a dual battery installed in your car, contact us on 03 9786 6515 as soon as possible!

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