Starters & Alternators

The starter motor of your car is responsible for your vehicle to start in the first place. If your car’s starter does not work, you’ll need to get it to an auto shop immediately! Turn to the skilled team at Minty Auto Electrical for your starter and alternator repairs and replacement.

We’ve been providing quality services for the car owners of Seaford and Frankston for over 10 years. You’ll get affordable services when you choose to work with our experienced technicians.

The starter motor is the main engine component that helps start your vehicle every time you turn the key or press the start engine button. Since it’s used every time, it has a high wear-and-tear rate, reducing its quality over time. This might result in the car failing to start when you least expect it.

If your starter motor shows signs of defect, that is you take multiple attempts to start your vehicle, it’s a sign that your vehicle needs immediate attention. If this defect is ignored, you might get stranded in the middle of the road during one of your drives and you might also incur expensive repairs in the future.

Contact us immediately to get new or re-manufactured parts that are of the highest standards and provides optimum performance. We have starters for various types of European vehicles, including BMW, Fiat, and Land Rover. When you get a starter from us, we guarantee the quality of the product and also provide extended warranties. Get in touch with us for more details!

We have the skills and experience to rebuild your starter motor back to factory specification and standards, offering a full warranty on all work and parts. Call us on 03 9786 6515 or visit us if you reside in the Seaford, Frankston, Mornington, Langwarrin, or Carrum Downs region.

Starters & Alternators

We Recommend The Appropriate Auto Electrical Services To Every Customer Based On Their Needs And Budget.


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